Protect Your Family With Travel Insurance.

There are lots of travel insurance policies available to buy online. We have carried out research to find you some of the best ones

Travel Insurance Categories

From website research, we have found that generally travel insurance can be split into four categories. These are single trip, annual travel, longer term backpacking policies and long stay policies. In addition, there are specialist policies for winter sports, cruises, weddings abroad and golfing holidays.

Some travel insurers specialise in cruise cover or winter sports, whilst some offer it as an add on to their standard policies. If can be quite confusing as to which policy is the most suitable. This site searches for the most suitable policies in each area and provides all the details free of charge, so that you can go straight to the site and obtain a quotation.

How We Can Help

Our recommendations are listed by category, with an explanation of each type of policy. So if you are looking for a winter sports policy for example, go to the winter sports section to see the policies we have researched.

If you want a longer term policy, there are several different ways you can find one. Some single trip policies offer cover for up to twelve months. You can opt for a backpacker or long stay policy. The cost of these is generally cheaper, but the cover tends to be lower than the single trip policies. It is a balance between the cost and ensuring you have adequate cover.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

If you are only planning to travel abroad once a year, for a long weekend or a couple of weeks, then a single trip travel insurance policy is your cheapest option.

You simply insure yourself for the exact number of days you will be away (including the days you travel to and from your destination).

Single trip policies can cost as little as a few pounds. For a small outlay, you are getting a lot of different covers (which we will explain in more detail). It is a foolish person that doesn’t take out a travel insurance policy when travelling abroad.

A single trip policy is a one off policy, that you would need to take out each time you travel.

Annual Travel Insurance

Annual Travel Insurance is for those travellers who plan to travel abroad more than once a year.

The policy is as the name suggests an annual one, which you would renew like car insurance or home insurance. The advantage over a single trip policy is that any trip abroad (and even trips to the UK) are automatically covered, without the need to notify the insurance company (provided you are travelling within the limits of the policy)

So if you decide to spend a long weekend abroad and book a trip at the last minute, you do not have to worry about travel insurance, as you will already be covered.

Most policies allow you to take an unlimited number of trips throughout the year, provided a single trip lasts no longer than 31 days.  If you travel abroad several times a year, this is a cost effective way of covering yourself.

Backpacker Travel Insurance

Backpacker Travel Insurance is as the name suggests a longer term policy for those who plan to “see the world”. It is also known as Gap Year or Student abroad travel insurance, but can also be useful if you are planning to travel the world, but work as you travel to fund your trip.

A backpacker policy can cover trips of one month, up to two years, although 12 months policies are the most common. Because you are travelling abroad for longer periods, the risk of a claim is therefore greater and so premiums are more than a standard single trip or annual policy.

Insurers therefore tend to provide less cover than a standard policy, to try and offset some of the costs. There are many single trip policies that will cover travel of up to 12 months, but the policies are much more expensive. You will need to spend a bit more time balancing the cost against the cover provided.


Long Stay Travel Insurance

Long Stay as the name suggests is another policy which you can take out for longer term travel. Similar to the backpacker policy and in many cases the cover is exactly the same.

Policies cover trips of between one month and two years. This is useful if you own a holiday villa abroad and spend six months of the year in warmer climates. A long stay policy would be suitable.

Due to the longer period of time abroad, like the backpacker policy, the cover tends to be lower, to assist with keeping the costs down.

Check out some of our reviews to find out if a single trip, backpacker or long stay policy is the right one for you.