This site has been written by insurance experts. We strongly believe that everyone should take out travel insurance, when travelling abroad. For the sake of a few pounds, it is crazy not to take out a policy.

Everyone thinks “It will never happen to me”, but I read stories in the news every week about some unfortunate incident abroad, where the person concerned didn’t have travel insurance.

Only the other day, I read about a student in Greece, who was thrown from her quad bike and suffered terrible brain injuries. The Greece medical profession, treated her without charge, but the cost to repatriate her back to the this country is over £30,000. A crowdfunding page is currently trying to raise the necessary funds, but if she had taken out a travel insurance policy, all this would have been covered.

Travel Insurance is one of the most complicated insurance policies you can buy, yet its possible to obtain cover in a a matter of minutes. Our goal is to try and demystify travel insurance, so that everyone understands the pitfalls of not taking out a policy, but understands exactly what it is they are buying.