British Mountaineering Council Travel Insurance

british mountaineering council travel insuranceThe British Mountaineering Council Travel Insurance was adopted as a result of feedback from BMC members. It felt that a standard travel policy would not meet their members needs and who better to understand the requirements than the BMC themselves. Hence BMC travel insurance was born.

This is a travel insurance scheme “Built for the mountains”. Split into five different categories Travel, Trek, Rock, Alpine and Ski and High Altitude and Remote.


As the name suggests this is for BMC individual members and their families, who want to benefit from BMC travel insurance, but who are not planning to take part in any kind of sporting activity. It is a short term policy and covers anywhere in the world apart from the USA, Canada, Caribbean and Polar regions.


A travel policy that covers basic hill walking and trekking up to a maximum height of 5000 metres. Activities include mountain walking in the UK and non technical ascents of easy trekking routes which don’t require the use of any climbing equipment. This policy can cover you anywhere in the world for a single trip, or if you plan on more than one trip, an annual policy which covers multiple vacations of up to 45, 60 or 90 days at a time.


As the name suggests a policy designed to cover you for Bouldering, rock climbing and graded scrambling up to a maximum height of 5000 metres. Includes cover for abseiling. A policy for those who love to climb but who don’t venture above 5000 metres.

Skiing and Alpine

For those who want to take part in Recreational skiing activities including: on-piste, off-piste (with or without a guide), cross-country/Nordic/Langlauf, dry slope/indoor slope, backcountry/ski touring, downhill, telemark, big-foot Skiing, mono-skiing, heli/cat skiing, glacier skiing and ski mountaineering. Snowboarding is automatically covered in European destinations, but will require payment of an additional premium to cover worldwide destinations. (Competitive winter sport activities are not covered).


This policy is also for those who want to climb European Peaks up to 6500 metres, and go trekking at heights of over 5000 metres.

High Altitude and Remote

Covers pretty much everything else “All Mountaineering and climbing activities including: climbs and expeditions to remote and inaccessible regions and difficult or extreme high-altitude peaks anywhere in the world. This includes the high mountains of Asia and South America and the mountains of the Arctic and Antarctic.”

If its not covered and provided Insurers agree, it can be added to this policy subject to payment of an additional premium.

All policies cover emergency medical expenses up to £10,000,000 including search and rescue expenses up to £100,000. Cancellation up to £5,000 and baggage up to £2500 with a £500 single article limit.

Points of Interest

You must be a member of the British Mountaineering Council, or mountaineering council or Scotland or Ireland, or the family of a member, to be able to take out a policy.

Policies are underwritten by Antares Syndicate 1274 Lloyds of London.


The group of policies have clearly been designed with the BMW members in mind and cover many different activities which aren’t always covered by a standard travel insurance policy.


Frustrating that you have to do an individual quote for each policy. For example if you wanted to see the difference between the travel and the trek policies, you would need to go back and put the same information in twice to be able to compare.

The £95 excess is high compared to other policies.

You would have to join the British Mountaineering Council which currently costs £33.95 (or £16.97 if you join by direct debit)

Travel Insurance Review Conclusion

A group of policies with good levels of cover, that are flexible enough to insure a wide range of trekking, mountaineering and winter sport activities.