single trip travel insurance

What does single trip travel insurance cover?

Planning a long weekend break with your girlfriend or wife? Time to get away from the stresses and strains of modern life, kick back and relax for a few days. Experience the customs, language and cuisine of another country.

What could be more revitalizing. Nothing beats spending a few days away with a family or loved one.

The last thing on your mind is travel insurance. “I won’t need it, nothing can possibly go wrong” Unfortunately things do go wrong and it can happen to you!!

From delayed or cancelled flights, being mugged or robbed, damaging or losing your possessions, falling ill, or injuring yourself. Damaging someone’s property and being sued. The hotel or airline company going into liquidation, having to return home early or being stranded abroad because of bad weather.

These are all things that can and do go wrong. In some cases you could possibly take the financial hit, but in many the costs can run into the tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds.

There are many sites where visitor insurance comparison can be made, but first you need to understand what is covered under a single trip travel policy.

what does single trip travel insurance cover

So what does single trip travel insurance cover?

and what does single trip travel insurance mean?

A travel policy is probably one of the most complicated types of insurance you can purchase. So lets have a brief look at the main areas of cover.

What are the benefits of a travel insurance?

Cancellation and Curtailment Cover

This section covers some or all of the cost of your trip (the amount that you are unable to obtain a refund for). It cover you whether you have to cancel prior to the trip commencing, or have to return home early part way through your trip.

A standard policy covers you if you have to cancel because of yours, someone who is travelling with you, someone you are staying with, a close relative or business associates, death, illness, injury, compulsory quarantine, jury service or being called as a witness, redundancy, a government directive prohibiting travel, as a result of natural disasters (such as earthquakes, fires, tsunamis, landslides, floods, hurricanes or epidemic(s)
/ pandemic(s)), or serious damage to your home caused by fire, flood, landslide, hurricane etc.

Emergency Medical and other Expenses

This section covers emergency medical, hospital, surgical and associated fees, emergency dental treatment, if you die the reasonable costs of burial or returning your body to the UK. The reasonable additional costs of accommodation if you are required to stay abroad and the costs to repatriate you home, as a result of bodily injury, illness or disease, which cannot be treated back in the UK.

Hospital Benefit

This section will provide you with a benefit for each day you spend as an inpatient in a foreign hospital hospital.

Personal Accident

This section provides a lump sum payout on loss of limb, loss of sight, permanent total disablement or death.


This section covers the loss, damage or theft of baggage and their contents. When settling a claim, insurers will make deductions for wear and tear, taking into account the age of the items concerned. This section also covers the loss of money, including cash, if it is lost or stolen and normally covers replacement passports and other important documents

Personal Liability

This section covers the costs of any claim that you are legally liable to pay because you have caused, injury, illness or disease to another person, or lost or damaged their property.

delayed departure

Delayed Departure or Abandonment

If departure of your transport is delayed at the point of your international departure from or to your home for more than 12 hours, the policy will pay delayed departure compensation. You have the choice to take the compensation or abandon the holiday and claim for any unrecoverable costs. Note that you can’t claim for both!

Missed Departure

If you miss your departure due to the failure of public transport, your own vehicle being involved in an accident or breakdown, or a serious traffic jam or adverse weather conditions, the policy will cover reasonable additional accommodation expenses and any costs to assist you in reaching your destination.

missed departure

Legal Expenses

Cover to assist you in pursuing a civil action against someone else who causes you bodily injury, illness or death.

End Supplier Failure

Unrecoverable costs, if your end supplier, hotel, holiday rental, as well as your scheduled airline becomes insolvent.